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Real Deal Guild
4 min readDec 31, 2022

Indeed, Real Deal Guild, with the Tails of the AfterGlow, experienced the ups and downs of crypto this year. But, with the solid support of the community, we remained composed and continued building a stronger foundation.

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane to what happened this year in 2022…

Before the rise of the Tails of the AfterGlow, Real Deal Guild had already achieved more than we imagined.

Starting from partnerships, we started the year with a new collaboration from Sidus Heroes, followed by our exclusive partnership with OpenBlox, and many more, tallying to 15 only for this year and a total of 25 associations on different P2E games and NFTs from 2020 up to date.

We’ve conducted several AMAs where we would like to acknowledge our talented host — Wez, for welcoming our guests and entertaining our audience with his eloquent speaking skills.

Furthermore, the community’s growth and expansion have been surreal; that’s why we gave you numerous real-life events, including RDG x PGX’s meetup, the Philippine Web3 Festival, RDG x YGG’s meetup, and Real Deal Guild’s Year-End Party.

How many have you attended?

But, those who cannot attend IRL events were given a chance to get along with our prominent members and hear insights on our e-vents — Cryptuhan and Marites Nights.

Of course, these events and e-vents are only possible with the team behind them.

Along with the community’s growth is the team’s development to give you the best you can experience in a crypto guild. This year, we conducted our team building to meet everyone personally and build connections, not just virtually. We cannot deny that virtual communications can still limit the bond between each of us. Before, the team could be very shy about sharing their opinions and insights. Now, we can comfortably talk to each other and be more productive.

That’s why I hope you felt our presence, foxes. We will continue to thrive and give you only the best because you deserve it.

Lastly, we’ve continued paying it forward to the community through Real Deal Guild’s donation drives. It has been the tradition, and we did not stop. We’re trying our best to visit our members from different regions in the Philippines through the help of our sub-guilds, and we are grateful for your support, leaders!

However, Real Deal Guild’s year 2022 will not be complete without the rise of the Tails of the AfterGlow.

Real Deal Guild started with none but garnered approximately 6K likes and followers on Facebook, 8.2K followers on Twitter, and 1.7K followers on Instagram. It would be too long to talk again about the challenges while building the community and achieving the milestones by the people behind it, but all was worth it, thanks to the support of our loyal members.

For those who do not know, the Tails of the AfterGlow is Real Deal Guild’s first NFT to dominate the scene. A collection of 4,266 dope foxes representing the traits and iconic signature of the guild with unique privileges that surprised everyone who owned one.

Time after time, the project acquired partnerships from Vīsiō, PS Geodetic Surveying Services, MIREW, Inc., and Legazy Street, giving discounts exclusive to holders, which are not the typical ones we’ve seen in NFTs, but local businesses owned by the members of the community in light of Real Deal Guild’s pay-it-forward vision.

We’ve also conducted an IRL event (Skulk’s Den), e-vents (Fox Talks, Wez Weekly, Kwentong Kamote, & Pay-It-Forward), and countless contests (songwriting, fan art, low costplay, trivia, and many more!) throughout the year despite the happenings in and out of the space. Yup! We’ve managed to organize events for Real Deal Guild and Tails of the AfterGlow simultaneously. Our official merchandise was also distributed. Guess what? All of these in a year, regardless of the bear market? Amazing! But, most importantly, your presence and encouragement helped us get through, especially during this bear market; we’re very grateful that a lot of you stayed and supported us until we reached the end of the year. That’s why you, foxes, are the highlight of Real Deal Guild and Tails of the AfterGlow’s 2022.

Happy Holidays! Let’s prepare for another hopeful and fruitful year this coming 2023.



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