Real Deal Guild’s Highlight Reel 2021

Real Deal Guild
4 min readJan 22, 2022

What best describes your 2021? For Real Deal Guild (RDG), 2021 is a year of succeeding, winning, and giving back. It’s been one of the craziest years for us, but also the best so far.

Initially, we were just a small group of people, but over time, we have grown big and are continually growing bigger each day. At the end of 2021, we already have a total of 40, 226 members!

It’s also been a great year for blockchain gaming and cryptocurrency, with both industries experiencing massive growth. With this, RDG is more than grateful to be able to witness both movements and proud to be at the forefront of bringing gamers and crypto traders together in one place.

So, what best describes our 2021? First, let’s look back at RDG’s biggest accomplishments this year.

Starting with RDG’s first AlienWorlds Mining Event, in which we gave away over 300K PhP to winners and participants in just a span of two weeks! TLM was given as a reward to the Top 5 miners, and the Top 6 to 30 miners had received cash prizes from this contest.

In the second quarter of the year, RDG was able to acquire our first-ever partnership and it’s with Guild of Guardians (GoG). We have also secured 2 Legend Guild Tokens during the GoG sale in May 2021. The members and community pool and contribution helped make this possible. By June 2021, we had acquired additional 20 Adventure Guild Tokens and allotted them to the guild members.

These milestones did not stop as we aspire to bring more gamers into the NFT gaming community. By the first half of the year, we had 220 Axie scholars and continuously grew until the end quarter of the year–producing 3,892 Axie scholarships (166 of which were scholars turned managers!)

Along with this, we had also opened opportunities to the streaming community and had given scholarships to a total of 36 live streamers. One of our top streamers, Hezelya, has stood victorious, bagging Championship in the First Axie Infinity’s Creator Cup and 4th Place in United Gamers All-Stars Axie Infinity Tournament! (Truly one of RDG’s pride!)

These acquisitions paved the way to the first-ever Axie Infinity tournament powered by RDG, Alyansa League 2021. A prize pool amounting to a total of 50K PhP was anticipated by the RDG scholars who participated in the said event.

RDG’s selfless pursuit is apparent not just to our guild leaders but also to our members. It was evident when RDG Scholars sponsored a mini virtual event called ‘Kanta Ka’ RDG!’, which fosters the participants’ brains and talents! A truly enjoyable event made by the members, for the members.

The month of July must have been a talent showcase month for RDG. Not long enough after the virtual mini-event, we had our first RDG Design Battle to create opportunities for Digital Artists to exhibit their artworks and receive scholarship slots and cash prizes.

RDG’s growth had become persistent through the end of the year as we approached the year’s final quarter by acquiring assets, badges, and partnerships with different organizations in the Blockchain community.

Currently, we have acquired partnerships with Pegaxy (reaching a total of 4,744 Pega scholars as of the writing and obtaining a total of 1.5M VIS since the game has been launched), The Galaxy of Lemuria, Bored Punks of Society, Happy Land, Asteroid Capital, Starbots, and Legend of Venari.

As our guild grows bigger, we never forget to be always be thankful. We faced a couple of obstacles this year, but our team came together and found a way to win them when it mattered most.

But winning, for RDG, isn’t merely about the achievements and recognitions received in competitions. It’s also about the team’s cooperation to help the people in need as a way of giving back what we have been receiving throughout the year.

Over the last quarter of 2021, the whole RDG community made several donation drives possible and distributed groceries, food and relief packs, loot bags, clothes, and hygiene kits to different families and organizations. For instance, we have recently conducted the Typhoon Odette Donation Drive. In addition, we have continuously supported Typhoon victims from different parts of Visayas by distributing cash assistance and relief goods and organizing home rebuilding and feeding programs.

They say that the end of the year is a great time to reflect and replenish our energy. We’ve seen some big changes and developments in the gaming and cryptocurrency world, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else is in store for us.



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